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   Founded in year 2000, AVIT Ltd. is one of the leading DVB system providers in China. AVIT has provided DVB products and solutions to over 80 big network operators. Now, the products of AVIT are servicing over 70 million subscribers in China and the other countries.

AVIT provides the overall DVB system solution and technique service to the network operators, such as system design, system integration, technical training, and operation consulting. AVIT has dozens of DVB products include headend equipments, value-added software system and terminal products (STB and IDTV) that could build up a complete DVB system.

AVIT focus on provides network operators all over the world with advanced DVB system. Also AVIT has set up partnership with many international leading supplier of DVB products such as Scientific Atlanta, ARRIS, Harmonic, Optibase, Irdeto, ST, LSI and Thomson, etc. AVIT will continue to develop more advanced DVB technologies and products to help the business growth of the network operators.

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AVIT - The Expert of DVB Solutions
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