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AVIT VOD system

AVIT VOD system is a high-performance and multi-functional interactive DTV system.


VOD (Video-on-Demand) system could offer to select videos from a central server for viewing on a DVB network. VOD can be used for entertainment (ordering movies transmitted digitally), education (viewing training videos), and video conferencing (enhancing presentations with video clips). Although VOD is being used somewhat in all these areas, it is not yet widely implemented. VOD’s biggest obstacle is the lack of a network infrastructure that can handle the large amounts of data required by video.

 System Topology


 Full Business
AVIT VOD system is a VOD solution with more value-added interactive DVB business such as TSTV (Time-Shifted TV), nPVR(network Personal Video Recorder), TV shopping, TV banking, remote education, interactive game, DataCast, Karaoke, TV MMS, TV betting, etc.

 Full Applications
CLICK is a full interactive DVB solution with full applications that include the program collection, storage, retrieval, broadcast, transmission, resource allocation, decoding, data returns, etc. CLICK can be building in flexible scale and can be upgrading and expansion smoothly.

 Full User
Every user can enjoy services from CLICK. CLICK applies to not only the end users who use cable modem to return the demand information, but also the one-way cable users. The one-way cable users could send demand information by SMS, telephone or other means. All user resources can be fully mined.

 Open system
With standardized API, CLICK can be easy operation with the third-party application or management system. CLICK support for integration with all mainstream set-top boxes, and let the operators from worries.

 User Interface



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