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AVIT SmartView NVOD system is a leading and professional NVOD system, which has been used in over 7 years in big networks in China.


Today’s digital systems demand powerful, flexible and compact solutions. Near video on demand [NVOD] is rapid access to program material on demand achieved by providing the same program on a number of channels with staggered start times. Many of the hundreds of TV channels soon to be on offer will be made up of NVOD services. These are delivered by a disk-based transmission server. NVOD system doesn’t need two way network and two way STB. Use NVOD system, the MSOs can flexibly arrange the programs such as news, films, sports. And the end users can watch a program by reservation or just wait a limited minutes.
AVIT SmartView NVOD system is a leading and professional NVOD system, which has been used in over 7 years in big networks in China. The safety and reliability is well proved. All the programs from VCD, DVD, and Satellite can be transformed to the type and broadcasted by the server. Once the program list is finished, the server can work unmanned.

 System Topology

- Fully compliant to the DVB-S/C/T standard.
- The output TS streams are MPTS. Can directly input the QAM modulators. The MPTS also can input to the multiplexers if needed.
- Support different kinds of NVOD program list edit.
- Maximum support 6 MPTS per server. And the servers can work as a group.
- The editor and server can work separately. The server can work unmanned after the program list is fixed.
- Special PCR revise. Eliminate PCR jitter thoroughly. Ensure the effects on the STBs.
- Intelligent zed bandwidth allocating and bit rate checking function. MSOs can flexibly allocate the bandwidth of the programs. At the same time, bit rate over flow is avoided.
- Special SST handling method, ensure the video quality.
- High reliability of inner data communication. Special encryption and validation, To avoid invalid data enter the system.
- The work flow: editoràauditoràbroadcast, ensure the content is correct and safe.
- Operator rights management, every operators right can be assigned to the service level.
- SI information editor by the workstation or by a third party EPG system.
- Insertion Broadcast. The system can insert a video segment such as advertisement into the TS stream in the process of broadcasting. The system support manual insertion and automatic insertion.
- Covering Broadcast. When a program has some improper or invalid contents, the system can broadcast a prepared video segment to cover it.  
- Padding Broadcast. When a satellite signal is lost or a scheduled program can not play properly for some uncertain reason, the system can broadcast a prepared video segment, when the signal is come back, the system can shift back automatically.- Database backup and rapid restore.
- Support hot redundancy.
- Easy to expand.
- Optional content encoding, support VCD, DVD, TS, Betacam.
- Optional NAS storage.



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